Why Your Blog Needs SEO: 5 Ways SEO Benefits Blogs

Why Your Blog Needs SEO: 5 Ways SEO Benefits Blogs

As a business owner in 2017, it is absolutely imperative that you understand  SEO benefits. There was a time when a splashy phone book ad, or a strategically placed billboard, or handbills plastered around town were enough to draw customers to your door. No more. What matters today is search engine results. Consider this: 89 percent of consumers rely on Internet search results when making purchasing decisions.

A great way to improve your search engine results is to add a blog containing original content to your website. Hopefully, you've already done this. If not, get to it. Just make sure you're doing it right. If you do, here are five ways SEO can benefit your blog, and in turn, your entire enterprise.

SEO Benefits: People Will Be Able to Find You!

Ok, this one is a bit of a gimme when it comes to SEO benefits, but it's also the whole point. First, a very basic explanation of how SEO works: Search engines use spiders to crawl the Internet and index pages, creating a massive database. When Internet users perform a search, Google returns the websites, in rank order, that most closely relate to the keywords or question. SEO helps your website climb the ranks.

SEO involves incorporating keywords and relevant links into your content so that when spiders "read" what you have to say, they conclude "this website closely relates to (insert search term here) and should be ranked highly." Why do your search engine results ranking matter? More than 90 percent of Internet users never look past the first page, and more than 50 percent never look past page three.

It's Cost-Effective!

Another SEO benefit: It won't cost you that much. One of the easiest ways to up your SEO game is to add a blog to your website. This creates a stream of new, keyword-laden content for the spiders to index every time they visit your website. The beauty of this is that anyone can be a blogger, from the business owner to their administrative assistant. All it takes is just a few hours a week to build a robust, highly optimised blog.

Blog writing can also be outsourced at reasonable prices, for operations that can't, or would rather not, spare the manpower.

Powerful Associations!

In addition to keywords in text, another strategy for maximising SEO benefits is to link to outside sources. A recent study found that websites that linked to authoritative sources ranked higher in search engine results than those that didn't. This means it is possible to ride the coattails of other, more powerful websites. Say you're a business selling garden supplies.

Create your own blog, full of relevant keywords, but also build in some links to sources like B&Q or Homebase (or other gardening supply stores in your country). You'll be getting the bang of your content -- and theirs.

You Can Be an Expert!

Search engine algorithms are complicated calculations that include a bazillion factors. Among those are content originality and uniqueness. This means it pays to be a source of content that users can't find elsewhere. Dig deeper, explore questions from alternative angles. Not only will you be providing one-of-a-kind content, you'll also climb the search engine ranks.

Overcome the Competition!

One of the coolest things about SEO: it's the new equaliser. Google doesn't care if you're a small start-up in a field of established firms. If you're smarter in SEO than your competition, you'll soon be outranking them in search results -- and making their market share yours.

All you have to do is get your SEO marketing plan right and the benefits will come to you -- not your competitors. By now, you're well versed in the many SEO benefits, and you're probably itching to start putting it to work for your organisation.

Need help getting your SEO strategy up and running? Get in touch with us today.


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