Understanding Your Top Marketing Analytics

Is your site getting the right levels of traffic on the surface, but you aren't seeing the results further down the line? Marketing analytics play a major role in the current digital content landscape. They help you better understand everything from your blog content to your website's overall performance. Getting the page visits is one thing, but understanding what those visitors are doing is another. Do you have the correct analytics tools in place to make the best digital marketing decisions?

Getting to Grips With Marketing Analytics

Think of marketing analytics as a mechanic. A mechanic hears your car driving up to the garage and already knows what the problem is. "It sounds like a hole in your exhaust," he tells you. Does the mechanic run with that and order you the parts right away? Do you expect the mechanic to do that, and get annoyed when they insist on raising the car to get underneath and take a good look? Of course not. Because we know that while the mechanic has an ear for cars, he cannot fix the problem until he has given the car a complete check.

Your business is the car, and your data metrics are the parts that make the car run. On the surface, your digital marketing campaign may be running smooth. It is only when you get under the hood that you see the real details. Be the mechanic for your own data, and take charge of your digital marketing today.

Make Digital Analytics your New Business Partner

It shouldn't come as a surprise that there are numerous analytics tools out there. But how can you make it work for your business? A three-pronged approach to your analytics offers you the best way optimise your digital marketing program. Take reports driven by historic data to analyse today's results in order to forecast the direction you will take tomorrow.

When it comes to digital marketing, keywords are still the driving source of analytic data. But how? How are keywords different now than yesterday?

Keyword Driven Analytics to Solidify Your Market Position

With each of Google's animal themed developments, the world of keyword rich SEO has become more of a science. Gone are the days of single keywords and hidden pages that fooled the early ranking bots. The current trend is long tail keywords. This means phrases rather than single words.

Using your site's analytics, you can identify the words and phrases that sent people in your direction. In addition, you can look to expand on those in your digital content. Good quality SEO content will make your blog flourish, and with that comes higher google rankings and a better performing domain. Using the same analytic data, we can look at the changes from single words to multiple words.

We can also work to predict the way things will go in the future.

With Marketing Analytics the More the Merrier

When it comes to your data, the more you know about it, the better. It will put you in the best place to make the correct decision with regards to the direction you take your digital content.

Set your baseline KPIs and work towards optimising them. Then you can add more and expand the range of your analytics to further enhance your digital marketing platform. If you are ready to optimise your digital market, then we are here to help.

Get in touch with us today.


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