How to Increase Your Online Lead Conversion

We all want leads. Leads are the cornerstone of the business. Without them, we're toast. But here's the tricky part: they're not easy. A great product or service will draw attention but when it's flooded in a sea of competition it can be quite difficult to convert. Sometimes it's pricing. Other times it's the customer service. Maybe it's a simple fact that your site is clunky. Lead conversion should be at the top of your priority list. Let's cut to the chase and go right into different ways to increase this need for lead conversion.

Five Essentials for Better Lead Conversion

Let's get right to it...

1. Do a Press Release

Press releases have been abused in the past for improving SEO but they're not dead. A press release can be a quick push to alert industry professionals about what you have to offer. Done correctly, by providing good information and a naked link. Your press release could be picked up by journalists and distributed throughout a variety of sites (thus creating solid backlinks). Increase the backlinks. Increase the chance to convert. Plain and simple.

2. Optimise the CTA

Would you click the link or button? Your call-to-actions were most likely created by a designer. They're meant to be a placeholder. You need to update. Use your analytics and a mix of A/B testing to find the perfect balance for conversions. Do yourself a favour: read this guide on A/B testing.

3. Use Continuity

The user clicks a link. They're taken to a page completely unrelated. Nope. Continuity is key. The content and links you provide need to have a flow. Don't promise something you're not able to offer. The flow of the click means people are landing on a page expecting a solution to their problem. The solution is your offer. The landing page needs to convey this information immediately.

4. Lead Magnets

There's too much spam in this world. A lead magnet is a way to get people to sign up to a list because of an incentive. This can be a free whitepaper, ebook, video, course, or anything that goes "above and beyond". Create something special. Something more. Give people an incentive besides blasting them with discount codes and typical newsletters.

5. Roll with the Trends

Get with the times and roll with the trends. There is a lot changing in the digital marketing world. A mix of big data, link strategies, site speed, and content marketing are on the horizon. Want to increase conversions? You need to adapt.


  • Push great content
  • Network and build quality links
  • Advertise and tap marketing channels
The fundamentals stay the same. The platforms and market change. Follow the news and exploit new strategies if you want to improve your conversion rates. Also...


Don't Forget: You've Got to Keep Them

You've converted a lead. Great! Now comes the monumental task of keeping them. How is this done?
  • Provide stellar customer service
  • Educate them through content
  • Offer discounts and promotions
  • Promote them through social media
You've got them in the fold. Keep them. Learn from them. Your lead conversion will increase as you collect data. Through analytics, you'll find better content topics, user experience, and offers that stack on the tips and strategies contained in this post.


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