7 Signs Your Website Needs an Upgrade

Did you think that having a website would be good for your business?

Have you been disappointed by a lack of results?

Don't despair - research shows that many small businesses just aren't maximizing the benefits of their internet presence. Simply having an online presence isn't enough to see returns, and if your website isn't up to scratch then you'll struggle to connect with customers online.

Wondering if you need a website upgrade?

Here are seven signs that you definitely need a new site.

1. You Need A Website Upgrade If It Doesn't Accurately Reflect Your Brand

If your business has a new logo, a different name, or a brand new set of services, your website needs to reflect that.

It’s quite common for companies to forget to update their website with new logos or branding. Especially if the website was created some time ago and basically forgotten about.

Also, a site that's full of out-of-date content will confuse customers and makes you appear disorganized and unprofessional.

Take a good look at your site and ask yourself if the content is still an accurate reflection of what you do. If not, you need an upgrade.

2. It's Difficult to Navigate

Put yourself in your customers shoes and try to browse your site with the mindset of a new customer. Is everything easy to find and in a logical place?

Do you think visitors may struggle to find simple information on your site or does it have an unusual or confusing layout?

If so, it's time to simplify with a new site.

Using standard templates and industry best practices ensures that your site adheres to conventions and is easy for new visitors to browse.

3. It's Too Slow

Did you know that 47 percent of consumers expect a page to load in two seconds or less?

That's right!

If your site is too slow, you're almost certainly losing customers. A complete overhaul allows you to keep speeds fast from the start.

4. It's Hard for You to Edit

What happens if you want to update a page or add a blog post to your site?

Is it a long, tedious, complex process?

Most modern websites use simple content management systems, like WordPress. Being able to update your site regularly is essential if you want to keep the content fresh.

5. It Doesn't Have Analytics

It's hard to know how your online campaigns are performing if you don't have access to detailed analytics.

Stats showing how much traffic you get, your best traffic sources, and top search terms are invaluable when it comes to promoting yourself online, and a website upgrade is a great way to get access to them.

6. It's Difficult to Share on Social Media

Social media is a huge part of online marketing success, and your website should be designed for social media sharing.

A website upgrade allows you to include features like social media sharing buttons, embedded feeds, and prominent links to your social media accounts, helping you to grow a successful social media presence.

7. It's Not Mobile-Friendly

Huge amounts of web traffic are now mobile, so having a desktop-only site is a big mistake.

If a website is designed properly, with mobile in mind from the start, your site will look good no matter what device the visitor is browsing on.

Getting this right from the start means you won't have to spend tons of time on mobile optimization after your upgrade.

Why Get a Website Upgrade?

If you want to succeed in the online world, you can't get by with an old-fashioned website.

If your site is out-of-date, slow, hard to use, difficult to edit, or not optimized for mobile devices, it's time for an upgrade.

If you would like a no obligation chat about your website, feel free to call us on 01695 302040 or fill out our contact form.



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