5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Digital marketing is swiftly becoming the most utilised effective marketing practice. In fact, digital marketing overtook traditional marketing to become the largest advertising medium last year! Your business can't afford to be left behind. We want to help you get ahead of the curve. We're going to share five frequent digital marketing mistakes and how to avoid them...

So your company can easily experience the benefits without going bust. You can set your brand up to be a future industry leader in the online advertising world by skipping these common marketing mistakes.

5 Digital Marketing Mistakes (+ How to Avoid Them)

Marketing through online platforms is a learning curve. Your business will sink or swim based on your ability to adapt in this new tech-driven era. Fear not. We've compiled a comprehensive list of five digital marketing mistakes. And more importantly, how to fix them. Here are the common mistakes that cause digital death.

1. Not understanding your audience

Identifying your target market is what will allow your content to cut through all the online noise. It's going to take an investment of effort to stand out from the crowd. Solution: Go beyond marketing by demographic. Instead, market-based on consumer behaviours. Get creative. For example, reach out to consumers who have purchased certain items before to recommend similar products. Or based on their current life events.

2. No personalization

If you aren't personalising your marketing correctly, you may as well say sayonara to a huge potential market. Don't accidentally send someone the wrong name, gender, likes, etc. Solution: Use insight technology. There are countless programs that can help monitor your repeat client's interests — so you can effectively engage them to make their next purchase.

3. Not thinking client conversion

The whole point of marketing is to get a return on investment. If you aren't doing this... well, you're failing. Lead conversion is crucial to an effective marketing plan, and many businesses can't understand why their strategy doesn't convert. Solution: Create strong call-to-actions in every campaign. First, offer your audience something of value. Then, tell them how to get it. Give them a reason to click... or they won't.

4. Not varying objectives by platform

All online platforms are not created equal. Instagram isn't Facebook. Twitter isn't email. So why would you use the same campaign for them all? Solution: Know what target market hangs out on which platform. Twitter is good for branding and generating referrals. Facebook is good for personal or smaller commercial interaction. Learn how each one works and the way to get best results from each.

5. Not monitoring results

The most majestic thing about online advertising is the ability to monitor your campaign results directly. Don't fail to take advantage of this. You can save a ton of time and money by keeping track of your results — yet companies consistently fail at this. Solution: Use analytical platforms that give you relevant data and can show you how effective your strategy has been. Then adjust. If something isn't working, change it.

You're Ready

By avoiding these common mistakes, you're ready to create an effective campaign. Digital marketing is 4x more effective than traditional methods — make sure you do it right.

Promote your business today with a killer digital marketing strategy.


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