5 Affordable SEO Tips For Your Business

SEO is the new black in smart business - and for good reason. After all, what's the point of having a website if no one knows it exists? If you're new to the SEO game, you'll want to make sure you're avoiding these common SEO pitfalls. Then, read on below for our 5 tips for bringing affordable SEO to your business.

1. Make It Worth Their While

Even the best SEO in the world will fall short if your website is lacking in content. Directing traffic to your website is great, but making people want to stay engaged once they're there is the real goal. Good content pays off two-fold. First, you'll rank higher in search engine results. Second, you'll give your readers a reason to come back for more. Use your expertise to provide quality content and you'll set yourself up for success.

2. Keywords Are Key

Choose a strong keyword and pepper your article with it. Be sure to include it once in the introductory paragraph, and between 5 to 10 times throughout the article. The longer the article, the more you should insert your keyword. Search engines will latch onto these phrases. When a user searches for your keyword or a sentence that contains it, you'll be more likely to show up near the top of their list.

3. Link, Link, and Link Again

Search engines like it when your website works, well, like a web. Branching out will help search engines find and rank you better. So, connect yourself to other useful articles or tools by linking to them. But, be sure to avoid linking to competitors. After all, you're trying to sell your products, not theirs. Once you've linked to other websites, you're not quite finished. Now, you need to link internally, to your own useful blog posts and tools. Try to avoid linking to product pages or sales pitches. Remember, you want to provide quality content. Get people interested in your expertise and quality, and the revenue will follow.

4. Fix Your Face

Cluttered website layouts aren't just ugly. They also bog down the digital spiders that crawl your pages. The harder it is for them to navigate your site, the worse your SEO ranking. Try these three tips to get your site in good working order:

  • Choose a Strong Title: Make your title short and relevant. Then, insert your keyword in your title for an extra affordable SEO boost.
  • Keep URLs precise: Once you've got a good title, use that as your URL. Search engines will see it twice.
  • Go Mobile: Google, in particular, loves seeing a mobile version of your website. Plus, it can never hurt to reach more users.

5. Stay Relevant

Regular posts and updates give users a reason to visit your website. It's an excellent way to build your customer retention and increase your user base. New content gives search engines a reason to revisit too. Be sure to post enough to stay on their radar. Strike a healthy balance to keep user engagement high.

Affordable SEO Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Above all, remember that you don't have to break the bank to get the results you're looking for. Feeling stuck? Have a burning question? Leave us a comment below. Helping you is what we do best!


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