4 Digital Marketing Opportunities You Need to Take in 2017

4 Digital Marketing Opportunities You Need to Take in 2017

Quick: List five things more important to your business than digital marketing opportunities. Done already? That's probably because there aren't many things more important. The good news? There are lots of opportunities to seize. Here are four of the most important.

Put Your Digital Marketing in Context

Digital lives as part of your marketing campaign to advance your business interests. Before you know which digital marketing opportunities to seize, you need to see just how digital fits. It sounds so obvious. But for businesses without dedicated marketing specialists, it takes a little homework. So spend a few minutes thinking out and writing down your company's response to each of the following:


  • Your business objectives (e.g., earn a profit).
  • Numeric targets for each objective.
  • Your target markets.
  • The key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to each element of your campaign. (When you get to digital, note your digital indicators: traffic, SEO rank, etc.)
  • Targets for your KPIs. Basically, these are answers to the question, What does success look like?
  • Your analytics platform.
Know what you want your marketing to do? Then study your analytics, adjust your digital marketing as necessary and repeat.


Connect With Influencers Effectively

At one time, it might've been enough to send a nice email to an influencer asking for a link. Not anymore. But connecting with the right influencers is still possible. And it can be very powerful. Here's how to do it: Make a list of the blogs and bloggers you like and follow. (And remember to think in terms of people, not just sites.) Expand the list if necessary. If you need inspiration, try Googling your keyword plus phrases like "top posts of the week," "link roundup," etc.

Make a note of the results. Select a manageable subset of the two lists and follow them. Break the ice by writing something you think will be useful or interesting to each. This isn't an email blast. It's a customized message to an individual. It might be a comment, some information or a relevant link. But don't ask for anything yet. Do this several times. Then, once you've established yourself, ask for the link.

Use PR to Leverage Digital Marketing Opportunities

True, press releases don't directly affect SEO. And there aren't any ready analytics to measure results. But if a journalist or popular blogger sees and uses part of your release, you'll build links and potentially a lot of views and shares. Writing effective releases is a skill, and distributing them can be a grind. But there are online tools to help with writing and distributing press releases without hiring a PR agency.

Stay Current With Digital Trends

It can get confusing, especially when it comes to social media. But it can work to your benefit to get in on a trend before everyone else. For example, industry watchers are predicting a big year for live media streaming and augmented reality. But the hottest trend may be in native advertising.

If you're scratching your head, you're not alone. Almost half of marketers in one study knew nothing about native advertising. That's about to change. Native advertising is paid content with a difference. It's so aligned with a page's character and design that the viewer doesn't think of it as advertising. It doesn't disrupt the user's experience. It just seems to belong there. And while it's an old and proven technique, it's new territory to a lot of marketers. Which may make it ideal territory for your marketing campaign. Each of these opportunities is important and timely.

But we've just scratched the surface. There are plenty of other tools and opportunities you can leverage to grow your business. Interested? Give us a call. We're here to help.


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